Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
PLG won several awards in the International Planning Competition 2014. See section Media.
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Who are we?

The research group [plg] started on 2003 from the Scalab research group at the Department of Computer Science, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

We are a specialized group on automated planning, scheduling and machine learning technologies. We have experience in different techniques to automate business services and complex tasks, and we contribute a complete and integrating viewpoint in all our proposals.

The Planning and Learning research Group, PLG, is formed by a computer scientist consolidated team skilled in developing innovative solutions to planning tasks automation and the business data analysis though advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

PLG group 3 June 2015

What do we do?

Incorporating technological changes can become a very difficult goal, that requires a high level of specialization and adequate resources. PLG offers a highly qualified human team and the most advanced technical support for:

  • Automating dynamic processes of planning and decision making
  • Optimizing processes from intelligent data analysis (including data mining) to predict patterns or risks
  • Designing of intelligent information retrieval systems - data mining based on last generation techniques
  • Improving of on-line systems through the use of intelligent agents in Internet
  • Applying artificial intelligence techniques to companies problem solving (business intelligence)